Reiki Fusion - Space Clearing of House, Space, Land & Boat
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Reiki Fusion - Space Clearing of House, Space, Land & Boat

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Reiki Space Clearing for

  • House
  • Land
  • Office
  • Yacht
  • Car
  • Garden
  • Any space there has a negative or stagnant feeling/ energy



  • Quicker Sales
  • Better Renters
  • Quicker Turnarounds 
  • Smoother Transactions
  • Smoother developments
  • More Abundance
  • Harmony
  • And much more...


Reiki Space Clearings is the best technique to notice an immediate difference in your space, as energy can accumulate and can cause disharmony in your physical spaces and your life. 

Clearing & blessing, Land, a Home, a Space or a Boat is as essential as having a shower each day... Spaces hold memories as we do and with a space clearing, you invite harmony, abundance, and creativity in, which opens up for higher energies and possibilities.

The Clearing can be done remotely, or on location, we travel within the Miami-Dade area for free.


Prices are approx $0.35/ SQFT for a straight forward cleansing.

If you have any further questions and want to discuss further if we can help, please do not hesitate to reach out.


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